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    The Law Office of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC focus on family law practice areas that include:

    • Divorce: You can file jointly for divorce, or file a lawsuit for divorce.  Either way, you want the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC on your side.
    • Child Custody and Support:  When deciding issues of child custody and support, the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC can help you negotiate and litigate issues relating to parenting time, parenting plans, child support, the fathers' rights, the mothers' rights, custody and visitation rights of grandparents and stepparents, and customized strategies that recognize and help you to further the best interests of your child or children.  Divorce is tough enough without worrying about these issues.  Let us help you decide them.
    • Post-Divorce Decree Issues: There are all kinds of issues that can arise AFTER you are divorced.  These include: violations of orders, failure to abide by orders in your Decree of Divorce,  interference with visitation, modifications to child support, modifications to address changes in circumstances or lifestyles, and ways to seek or contest a parental relocation.  We are here to zealously protect your rights or to defend you if you are being accused of violating someone else’s rights.
    • Protective Orders: In Family Law, it is common to see temporary or extended Orders of Protection (TPO or EPO).   At the Law Offices of Kelli Anne Viloria, PLLC, we understand, and value, the importance of the impact of these orders.  We will represent you in court and to ensure the order is fairly enforced and, likewise, to ensure there is no abuse of the system.
    • Paternity: Whether or not you were married to your child’s other parent, the laws relating to paternity include issues of child support, parenting time, and custody and visitation rights.  Consult with us to find out how these laws could affect you. 
    • Adoption:  One of the happiest areas in Family Law.  We practice this area of law because we respect the family dynamic.  We can help you with your adoption.
    • Guardianships: Sometimes it is necessary to become, or seek, a guardian for a loved one.  The legal steps can be complicated.  Consult with us to find out the right way to deal with the issue of being, or getting, a guardian.


    Throughout the legal process, you will have contact with Kelli all hours of the day, by either telephone or e-mail. At KAVLAW, we recognize that family law issues do not always occur between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.  That is why we make ourselves available to answer questions or concern you might have and for any crisis that might arise. 

    Contact us today. We establish an atmosphere of comfort, candor, cooperation and confidentiality that you deserve. Kelli Anne Viloria works hard to earn your trust and to keep it.

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